The DCYF Oversight Board was created by HB 1661 in 2017 and was fully formed in March 2019. The Oversight Board is an independent body consisting of 21 members housed in the Office of the Governor.

The Oversight Board exists for the purpose of monitoring and ensuring that DCYF achieves the stated outcomes as intended by the legislation, and to ensure that the department complies with administrative acts, relevant statutes, rules, and policies pertaining to early earning, juvenile rehabilitation, juvenile justice, and children and family services.

Upcoming DCYF Oversight Board Meetings

There are currently no upcoming meetings scheduled.


DCYF Oversight Board Statement on the Call for Racial Justice

February 2019: DCYF Oversight Board announces the appointment of Crista Johnson as Executive Director. 

April 2019: DCYF Oversight Board announces the hiring of Nickolaus Colgan as Administrative Coordinator.

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