Community Review Panel

Apply to serve on the Child Care Licensing Community Review Process Panel

The DCYF Oversight Board is seeking interested child care providers to serve on the Child Care Licensing Community Review Process Panel. The IRP was created as a mechanism to determine whether DCYF licensors have appropriately and consistently applied agency rules when issuing a violation against a licensed child care facility.  The intent of the internal review process is to provide an option for licensed child care providers to have an additional review of DCYF violations made against the provider’s site.  The panel does not review health and safety standards violations (RCW 43.216.395). 

There is a specific timeline that must be followed for this process, both regarding the initial review request from a provider (10 days to apply for a review) and the final written decision produced by the panel (within 30 days after the request for review has been received). At this time, all sessions of the IRP will occur remotely via a web application. 

The IRP panel will consist of six individuals – three DCYF licensing staff members and three licensed child care providers (selected from this application process).  The panel will meet when requests for review have been submitted by licensees/providers. The number of cases reviewed in a single panel session depends on the timing of requested reviews and timelines outlined in the statute. The time commitment per each individual IRP meeting depends on the number of cases put forward for review by the panel with an anticipated run time of two to eight hours.

If you want to serve on the Child Care Licensing Internal Review Process Panel, find the application below and email it to If you have any questions about the process, do not hesitate to reach out.

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