DCYF Oversight Board Subcommittees

DCYF Oversight Board Subcommittees

The DCYF Oversight Board is required to review DCYF’s progress towards meeting stated performance measures and desired performance outcomes (RCW 43.216.015(19)). To accomplish his work, the Oversight has established three subcommittees to focus on specific outcomes and performances measures identified in DCYF’s founding legislation (RCW 43.216.015(c)).

DCYF Oversight Board Subcommittees are: (1) Early Childhood Development & Holistic Caregiver Supports (2) Child Safety & Family Well-being (3) Youth and Young Adult Outcomes and Transitions. Each subcommittee will review performance in the identified areas of focus, including the agency’s performance on eliminating racial and ethnic disproportionality and disparities in each area.

Monthly subcommittee meetings will accomplish:

  • Performance measure review for designated focus area
  • Assess utilization of RCW performance measures
  • Request/respond/recommend target and timeline setting for DCYF performance
  • Determine agency’s performance to be “on track”, “needs improvement”, “off track”
  • Request DCYF action plans and logic model to improve performance in designated focus area
  • Host and/or design stakeholder engagement related to DCYF performance in designated focus areas
  • Partner with DCYF and stakeholders to design and develop performance metrics for RCW stated outcomes currently without identified metrics
  • Review survey results from children, youth, families, providers and the workforce regarding DCYF services
  • Review a sample of DCYF service delivery contracts to ensure compliance with performance-based contracting requirements
  • Report to full board at quarterly meetings on recommendations developed through work outlined above

These discussions and any recommendations will be brought back to the full group at their quarterly meetings.


For more information about the individual subcommittees please select from the side menu. If you are interested in attending as public please contact staff at nickolaus.colgan@gov.wa.gov